Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Technology and Human Dignity

Question: Does democracy help advance modern science and technology more than tyrannical and oppressive regimes? Under what government system do science and technology advance the most quickly and fully? Answer: Democracy does play an important role in the advancement of technology and science. A democratic government system is one of the greatest motivators for individuals working harder towards a brighter future, in order to excel in aspects of science and technology, unlike the oppressive and tyrannical regimes, where people lack the inspiration to make technological and scientific advances. Karl Marx believed that democracy and science, has brought about a progression from necessity towards freedom enhancing the standards of living, as compared to a non-democratic society, which enforce restrictions in civil liberties thereby limiting technological change (Berlin, 2013). A democratic nation might not be an advancing nation, since a whole lot of decisions is at disposition of the elected government officials, who might not necessarily be successful in investing in effective projects which promise a better future. According to Nicholas Mele (2014), the dignity of an individual has been undermined despite the prolonged life ensured advances in medical science, because it gives the people the ability to manipulate life. Science and liberty do not share the same goals, science aims to predict and control the future, and on the contrary, liberty aims on the privileges of the citizens of a nation. References Berlin, I. (2013).Karl Marx. Princeton University Press. Mele, N. (2014). Technology and Human Dignity. Retrieved 22 July 2016, from

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